Marhiah Montoya, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar
John Perfect and Paul Magwene Laboratories
Duke University
Sands Building, Room 337

Research Interests: 

My primary research interest is in identifying ways to approach infectious disease prevention, detection, and treatment practices to improve patient health outcomes and eliminate health disparities. My research focuses on cryptococcal infections and combines quantitative genetics, microbiology, and epidemiology to understand the relationship between host, pathogen, and healthcare. Before coming to Duke I received my Ph.D. in Translational Biomedical Science from the University of Rochester. My dissertation research focused on utilizing a translational approach to improve clinical outcomes of invasive fungal infections through disease surveillance and antifungal drug discovery. Currently, I am performing a genome-wide association study to identify genetic variants in Cryptococcus that are associated with virulence, antifungal susceptibility, and clinical outcomes.

Personal Interests:

When not in the lab, I spend my time hanging out with my fur baby Goob while I relax crocheting items for my small business, Castorena Creations, LLC ( Instagram/Facebook @CastorenaCreations)


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